Seti WUs von 1999

i just get a few of this, and they are going out

Splitter 4…

i think i have enough crunched this old WUs…

so have Berk no new WUs, so we will crunch this old again, and again and…

i will look at other Boinc Projects yet…

Regards from Germany
Sir Ulli

Maybe this is how they decided to deal with all the result falsification from the old version of Seti.
Just do it ALL again.

Folding, you know you want to!

Copied from technical news:

The news items below address various issues requiring more technical detail than would fit in the regular news section on our front page.
September 22, 2006 - 17:00 UTC

Some news: The new data recorder is fully functioning down at Arecibo now. We already have a couple 500GB drives full of data here at the lab. We’re waiting on drive enclosure parts before reading these drives. Some tweaks to the splitter (which converts data to workunits) are being made so we can start sending out this new data.

Meanwhile, we’re still sending out regular data in its current form. Some have noticed that older tapes are being converted into workunits. We ran out of “new” data to analyze so the current data tapes being used have one of the following qualities:
[li]tapes never used for fear they were far too contaminated with RFI (and therefore shelved because at the time we had plenty of tapes less likely to contain RFI)
[/li][li]tapes that, for some reason, never got fully analyzed the first time around (really old versions of the clients, the splitter broke because of an outage and workunits only got partially generated, etc.)
[/li][li]tapes that, for some reason, returned some data but far less than expected, and therefore never got fully migrated to our master science database and we want to give these tapes a second try.

Oh. Gosh. I suppose it boils down to how seriously you take the crunching, but their saying in effect that they put up a “normal service will be resumed as soon as possible” notice, and units were missed. Units weren’t issued for various reasons, and years later, possible signals might be discovered. Years later. Like now?

Has there been a plot loss somewhere down the line?

I wondered why I’d had units for as far back as '99. I’m a tad dissapointed.