Shadys back, bring a friend.....

Well people, after a long break from crunching…I’m back…the question is which, what, how to do I get into crunching a project again?

Is seti still going? Or has everything moved over to boinc? Any pointers would be great, thanks guys :slight_smile:

Folding, you know it’s the right thing to do…

Nice to see you back raGer :wavey:

May i intrest you in some D2OL :deal:

Pimping aside, this sticky in the crunchers cafe should help you along :slight_smile:

Welcome back raGer :slight_smile:

D²OL or folding are both in need of extra peeps :slight_smile:


BOINC Seti all the way matey!! WB btw :thumbsup:

Thanks for all the WBs people, nice to see the pimps still pimpin’

Looks like I’ll have a quick read up on all the projects then join one or two of them :slight_smile:

CPDN - we need more powah!!!

WB raGer.

Do what you want, the all project combostats will track your overall crunchiness :D)

Seti Classic will be closing down shortly so get going on something new imo. Climate Prediction (CPDN) is a god bet for a boinc project with instant credit :slight_smile:

Emphsis on the “almost” :wink:

Join CPDN!!

And while your at it, can I intrest you in the membership of Virtual Team, Team Python? :wink: