Holly was standing on her own!,
She will be walking soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Well done Holly.
Welcome to a new level of mischief and mobility !

well done, and to think were amused by giggles and shouts of “AGAAAAAA” (thats his gran…) lol

its all good :D,
It was great when we seen her standing … but to think… now she is never gonna stop!,
methinks its time to start clearing up all mu computer stuff :p.

Fantastic news Andy & Helen. A great moment for you all :slight_smile:

Oh no… here you go :smiley:

Now everything that was out of reach before has too be moved :lol:

dont worry i have a list ready and waiting on him :smiley: good way to get all they little jobs done that has been put off

this within the next few months is when the weight comes off running after her and the stress levels go up and when she learns the word NO lol