Shiva Me Timbers

Hooks and eye patches at the ready, its talk like a pirate day!

Ha Harrrrrrrrrrr!

aarrr matey, will ye be wenchin tonight … or be it early in the hammock to catch the mornin tide and do some deck swabbing on the good ship Tigggerrr :smiley:

… me notices a distinct lack of pirates in these waters :Poke:

Avast there shipmate!
They be Lily-livered sons of biscuit eaters loaded to the gunnels on shandy-bass.

Keel haulins too good for 'em


Time to swashbuckle my way up the M40

Avast, me proud beauty! Wanna know why my Roger is so Jolly?

grog grog grog :cheers: grog grog grog grog :cheers:

Voodoo Scuttlebucket.

Trust DT to find the Rum Locker

In Canada we don’t have “pirate day” they are just called newfies :slight_smile:

ahoy me smarties

I be hankerin to come across an ol older bottle of Grog
to lubeuth they parched gullet

Skull & Scuppers on the 17th of November alla Mojo’s

aye me smarties be Skull & Scuppers for booty or be walking they plank