shock and awe

went round to a friends house last night, (fixing a PC you might have guessed) I’m sat there in my TPR sweat shirt when there son go’s ’ where did you get that from? it’s got our karate team logo on it!’ he went off to get his gear and sure enough on the back all in red is our logo, they are called phoenix something or other. do you think I should bully them into crunching for us for using the logo?

I cant seem to find them on the net for any pictures.

Logo on my site

I’m sure the date on that has been messed up by me moving site, who can find the earliest dated ver of the logo? :smiley:

Who cares when… bully them anyway :slight_smile: :trophy:

Think Hids has it right with her link :wink:

I remember using it on my DoubleCooler Master PC case on the side window and that was
around that time in late 2004.

Are t-shirts still available? - I know of at least 4 people would appreciate them as a prezzy, but I don’t use banks ect. Also, I use a laser printer (besides, printing own takes money from the team).


I’d be up for another T shirt if it could go ahead again.

You put a sticker of the logo on one of my PCs in Cardiff, and that was pre April 2003.

I wouldnt they may send kyle after you.

i am already on my way :wink:

Well at least there’s an alternative for getting the TPR clothing, you just have to pretend to be interested in Karate for a little while ;).

If there were sufficnt interest then an order could be put in, but there is no stock as such.

would buy a t-shirt…

Maybe we should ask 'em to put ‘Crunch the TPR way’ underneath…:slight_smile:

“we crunch bones and wu’s”

/get’s coat…