Shocking Revelations - The TPR rogue gallery

Sorry guys but due to the pruning of the post archive, the original Shocking Revelations has now gone:(

But due to popular demand i am bringing it back:devil:

It is also time we saw the noobs:scared:

So here’s what to do, post a pick of yourself in this thread, not too big and preferably head and shoulders only and i will nab it for the TPR rogues gallery. (please include your TPR username)

If you wish, i will include them on the MHz League Table web page (if you make the file size small enough not to eat into my space)

Thank You

A Speshmiester Production

Ps No more pool shots Dave;) it scared the kids last time;) how did that whale get out of the water daddy is not a question i want to answer again (sorry mate, could’nt resist)

While i still have a few hosted on the net, here are some of the FBI’s most wanted!

Our very own Damski and Keith Harrison

A man that needs no introduction TPR_Mojo!

Well, from the left, Kefkef (me!), Mojo, Deaky, Wnyotiel, Launcher, Keith Harrison and Damski

I got more of these peops if anyone wants them!

Ok, Special, didn’t mean it as a comment, just was letting you know that there were pics there.

Heres mine:


Try and get it going as it’s nice to see who people really are :smiley:

Unless they have something to hide of course :lol:

Here’s my ugly mug :slight_smile:

ok you asked for it lol. Here’s a pic of me :smiley:

Love of my life! :nod: OK I like the bike too! :devil:

This was in my days of telecoms training !

A piccy of me, but its still old as I have no webspace and this is the only one on Phils webspace :stuck_out_tongue:

BigSix, Bully and DT at our first mojo’s

DT, Mrs DT, Bully and BouceOut, first mojo’s for BO and Mrs DT

DT, BigSix and BounceOut the last mojo’s

well seeing as everyone else was doing it… and my old pics have long since died

(don’t mind the empties :wink: )

amazing what insomnia will make you do :flip:

one more

Here I am! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oops, looks like the only pic I have is of me a little, ok alot drunk…

My ugly mug… my server was down for a few days, she pruned at just the right time. :wink:

Edit: Changed up the pic, one of me and my lovely bride… that way you won’t scream too loud.

O’well I’m not one for posting me ugly mug but time to brake with tradition

Here is me at me Computers yes its a tip desparate need to tidy up so much
so the shot is taken so you can’t see the mess under the desk where the
shuttles live.

Self, Mrs B and Big Chris. All suitably hidden behind masks for the protection of your sensibilities.

Here’s me - Warning, don’t show picture to little kids, I don’t want to be responible for any mental side effects caused by it:D:lol:

Black mini!

and a black mini… :devil:
ONly one I have of me is…

not great but gonna try get some from Sunday…

Bugger it, i’ll finally bite!!
This is us - 12 years on - still going strong!!

Here is me on holiday 2 years ago, drifting home from the pub, full of Brandy :smiley:

… and no step in sight :wink: