Should my hours be this high?

Sorry to bug you guys more…but I’m confused on why it seems my computer does nothing compared to some of you saying you have worse computers.

Below is what my processing work screen in BOINC currently displays.

Shouldn’t I be crunching any faster than that? I’m not even using the computer most of the time, and when I am it’s just the internet, no complex games or anything like that.

Please help:)

What’s the spec of your PC m8? (CPU,RAM,Graphics,etc.)

This will help us to identify any problems or areas that could slow you down.

500 MHz, 16 GB (only about 2.5 left), 32 MB graphics card, 192 MB RAM

That’s all I can think of at the moment that would be relevent. I’m getting my laptop for college in about 2 months and it’s gonna kick ass, but for now this’ll have to do!

Thanks for any help ya’ll can offer!


for that spec machine, those estimates of time completed and remaining seem about right. With a machine of that spec I would recommend keeping to a single project though.


Do you have any other programmes running in the background as well, antivirus, firewall or anything else that automatically runs from start up?

I agree , my 500 PIII is a little bit faster so I suspect you have got a Celeron processor.

I’d say yes
I was shocked by the CPDN time on mine when I first started but it takes a lot less than it says really.

If I was you I’d stop Predictor on that machine. Predictor has a VERY quick deadline so (not knowing your settings) it’s not likely to make the deadline’s in time really.

Nice to see a Pirates WU! Joined but never connected to get a WU really…
Might try now…:stuck_out_tongue:

Alright, guess I’ll start the Folding@home app. now. I said I was interested in doing it anyways so it’s a good project if I’m just gonna run 1 :). I’m still in for the SETI classic race though!


Post Script – It is also a Pentium III.

My celeron 500 does a seti Wu in about 24 hours.