Shutdown and Startup times

How can I set start up times for a Linux server? I’d like to adjust my net top to start up at 4 or 5 when I get home and shutdown at 12 .

Shutdown I can do with a cron job and

shutdown -h

but how can I set it to start up when I want?

no idea - only thing that springs to mind is to get a 2nd box to send a Wake-on-lan packet, assuming the nix box supports it

Does your motherboard support wake by RTC alarm - if so just set the time in bios and auto login on power up - shutdown by cron .

edit - less pretty is set power state to ‘on’ after power loss in bios and use a time socket adaptor to switch it on/off (after shutdown)

It says it supports Wake on Alarm which seems to be what you say so I’ve set that up and we’ll see what happens :slight_smile:

Hmm Timer box works for me…LOL!