i have attached a picture to my signiture but i cannot see it
do you know why?

you’ve got something wrong there, no image or code for an image in your sig.


like DT says no code/pic showing for your sig, if you pm me the picture and details of what you want in your sig I’ll see what I can do from this end.

hth, Curly

I believe he’s uploaded one…

Which if you goto your admin/moderator panel and user profile you should see.

However I don’t know how that back relates to being displayed ???

Ah you mean the Al Pacino (sp) picture in the user profile.


once you’ve uploaded your sig pic, there is a button to insert it into your sig, you need to click that :slight_smile: that in turn inserts the BBCODE needed into the sig box and it gets displayed. I’ve added the BBCODE manually to the sig.


yey i see it now.
thanks guys