sigh - what a day :(

Well, I say what a day more like the last 24hours from time of post.

Last night putting the bins out, open front door (terraced house) and the light from the hallway illuminated a lovely nice big dent in the drivers side of my car. Miffed but not a lot can be done about it, looked over my insurance policy for claim/excess details. None the wiser, had a drink, went to bed.

This morning up early, Becky has second driving test so lots to do, gets kids to school and get home to ring insurers. £100 excess :frowning: Chatting on MSN clicks whilst looking at photos, many a time I’ve laughed at the woman down the road who simply cannot park/drive…hang on she drives a car with red colour coded bumpers and paint on side of car = RED. With no evidence, ring insurers to notify them of ‘possible’ claim before shooting off out to get an estimate and report to police.

Part 1 - estimate = new front wing, repair with new door skin needed, new indicator light cover = £800 :eek:
Part 2 - “no Sir, get the car repaired, not a lot we can do unless someone saw it…” - “what about the paint?” - “lots of red cars sir, sorry” :mad:

Get back, Becky failed driving test number2 because an :censored: cyclist came out from a blind alley just before she made a turn… :frowning:

Happily get to resuming business as normal, get a sale of software :woot: phone boss to confirm details - “hang on boss, there is a burning smell, I’ll call you back…”

:frowning: water cooling unit - the one I suspected of leaking most definately is, its had it, kerpunct and took a cdrw/dvd combo drive with it (underneath the unit)

Now we get to some good bits, installed the block, the pump from a Aquarius 2 kit whilst keeping the rad from the knackered all in one unit = nicer cooling result :slight_smile: cpu down from 45 to 38 with a near complete quiet system :woot:

I spose, days like these you have to look at the good bits :slight_smile:

:realmad: I’VE GOT NO BEER LEFT :realmad: :wink:


DT if you suspect this driver of doing the damage
and if you can assertain she has damage that could tie in with the damage to yours
then get the police to check said vechicle out… They can match up the paint left on either car.

Many many year’s ago chap who visits next door reversed into my dads car doing alot of damage with tow bar.

Now I happened to see this chap checking the back of his car the same night on the other side of our village so this got mentioned next day as it was not know that the damage had been done until then.

my dad just had the police check his car and they matched the paintwork up and nailed him.

while indeed there are lots of red cars there are lots of shades of red paint.

tbh, after taking photos and checking her car, it was damn impossible to see which one of the hundreds of dents on the four corners of that car could have hit mine.

I went inside to get the tape measure to check the height of impact but the car was gone when I found it, I’ll be checking heights later on tonight though :nod:

Sometimes I think it can be best to grin and bear it - even though it pains.

At the moment I simply can’t afford the hassle and the time it would take to sort out something that I see as a job for the POLICE. :mad:


Couple of years ago I was awoken at 09::00 by a neighbour to find an old Rover 216 parked in the front wing of my KA… No sign of driver, door wide open… They had coming flying down the street hit the car behind mine and then ricoched into mine, also causing the first car it hit to hit mines back-end!!!

The police eventually turned up, did the usual - knocked on a few doors asking if anyone had seen it, told me they had an good idea of who was driving the car… but said they needed to prove it, which they said they had a good chance of doing!

It was at christmas… to late for car to go for repair & get a hire car to tide me over whilst mine being repaired!

Police never caught who it was driving :mad: ,
could only claim on my own insurance for tha damage :mad:
Was stuck without a car for a week :mad:

Sometimes I think the police can’t be bothered following things up… the evidence was there - fingerprints on the steering wheel for :censored: sake!!!

It sucks big time, but what can you do? Oh well. Just been down the off licence for a couple of tinnys. Now To sit down and watch the TV (Look Around You - excellent spoof of Tomorrows World :smiley: )

Bad luck…

See my post about my overclocking…:frowning:

And got my bill for my mini… £225 ish to repair and get MOT’d… :cry:

got my car back yesterday after enduring the wrath of a Vauxhall Corsa for a fortnight.

Jokingly as ReikiMaster leaving oo look at my nice shiny car (it got a full valet), then also jokingly said wonder how long it’ll stay dent free…

:furious: :realmad: :mad: :furious:

Come :censored: has hit it already :censored: :censored: :furious:

Looks like a cylist handbar, down the drivers back panel and rear door, nice dent at handle bar height and what looks like the marks of a seat hit the back bumper as the person came off. :censored: wonderfull :realmad:



Bad luck… something that really narks me not had a car yet someone has not scuffed.

Allready got a mark on mine, rear passanger side door, looks like a scuff from another car door hitting mine, so someone at work has done that and not had the balls to say anything.

Also Girl at work had her newish MG TF hit on the front Bumper by somebody our company deals with driving his barge of a Jaguar.

He was seen looking at the bumper of her car by the receptionist and she tipped her off, when she checked indeed bumper had been scratched.

The chap had no intention of saying anything, but was confronted before leaving where he kind of said he did passed on his details.

turns out its knocked the bumper out and requires a new one 400-500 ish quid.

So she made a claim against him using the details given by him… now he’s say’ing he did no such thing never touched or hit her car in anyway.

This happened 5-6 weeks ago, he’s also had a nice 2 weeks hol in africa.

Barmy thing is in comparison the cost is nothing to the millions of pounds of business he gets out of us.

I hadn’t been driving my truck six months when an idiot cut me off and slammed the brakes. I rear ended them just hard enough to dent my bumper and moulding on the bumper right in the center. They drove off before I could even get out, I’m betting they were on their cell phone.

I’ve not had a car yet that didn’t get dented and scratched at least half a dozen times. I’ve got three scratches in the bed, which hopefully I can get covered in the next year before they start to rust.

here we go again…

so the bracket on the exhaust “came” loose and snapped whilst the bodywork repair shop had the car, Humphries good enough to replace it, but thats now the fifth time that bracket has gone so they fitted one from a Citreon as its a bit more heavy duty…

but - taking Beck to work this morning, wind down window to shout her to say I was in the car waiting and the window came off the guide rails on the back. When they’ve re-fitted the new door skin they’ve not checked the window assembly. :furious:

So yet another day in the garage for my motor… :realmad: goes in Thursday for a return Friday AM as planning to leave for Mojo’s around lunchtime. They had better get it fixed or I will be one upset bunny rabbit armed with those dangerous turnips Wolram was on about…

Slipped into Reg Vardy on the way back from dropping off Becky as miffed with the car so thinking of a trade in - quite please with the £1700 part ex deal I was offered, and that was before haggling !! I’m gonna buy an overpowered wreck :devil:


if you can find an old wreck that is reliable grab it! i had an 1800 renault 18 for about 4 years in london - incredible tank.

got cut up by a 3 series bmw on the A1, i kicked the dent out, his front suspension collapsed.
another guy tried to edge out and push in, i carried on and 200 yards up the road he’s knocking on the window asking for his bumber back, which has snagged on mine and been ripped right off.

only got rid when repairs started costing more than scrap value. :smiley:

Sounds like you’re starting to have the same luck I had with the Grand Am. Good luck, m8.