Signatures and affiliate links [Important please read]

While we don’t normally have many hard and fast rules regarding signatures at the bottom of members posts, more and more members are adding affiliate links and such for personal gain, I would like to bring to members attention that said links are not allowed where there is a direct vested interest and ask that anyone who has a such a link to remove it please. Links to sites that the person owns and has advertising on is fine. Any affiliate links found after 08/08/06 will be removed. If anyone has any questions/queries please post in this thread.

on behalf of the mod team, Curly

Does this mean if you had the link before that date then your OK or do you mean if the link still remains after that date, you will remove it?

It would be the later i.e. any sigs not corrected by the user before 08/08/06
maybe subject to possible removal.

Sorry for being a bit noobish but does this mean direct links to other sites ect?

With you all of the way guys!

Details of my part time business are not hard to find, but mixing business and pleasure is not a good recipe and I’m always careful to protect the relationship between TPR and what I do for a living.

no Andy, what we are trying to prevent is people using the TPR forums in order to promote a business or commercial interest they have an interest in.

So for example a link to my personal site is fine, but a link to my site offering my services as a dog-walker :wink: would be a vested interest and therefore not allowable.

Adverts on your personal site are fine, lots of people pay for personal sites with google ads etc etc and as they are on your site that is fine.

This is all an interpretation of the Google backlinking rulings that got added to the forum rules specifically the part regarding search engines optimisation.

Direct links with affiliates id’s in them wil be removed after the date Curly has posted. As a few of the bots that have registered have used links in sigs and therefore the profile pages without making a post to bring attention to this, I shall also be putting in place a “cannot change sig until X posts” mod (once I write it).


Sounds good to me :slight_smile:

So do I have to remove my sig then as it advertises my on-the-side business and links to a website that sells my stuff?

I agree this is a good idea… If you have somthing to promote then tell us about it… don’t trouble us with it in your sig every time you post… just don’t go so far as to spam us all to death!

Good idea!

Afraid so :slight_smile:

Ok but I’m not impressed. Not that it matters but I would just like that fact known.

Its not such a bad thing! The interent is vast… with many places to advertise your enterprises… If somthing should be said then by all means tell us in a post… but every post of yours having ads in it is a little annoying! Sorry it just is…! I agree with the admins on this :slight_smile:

… that being said… I hope my x-large DC stats sig doesn’t annoy anyones :slight_smile:

You could just turn sigs off if its that annoying. Its not like its LARGE or flashy or anything. I’m not forcing you to look at the site.

I’m confused.

I don’t pretend to fully understand the reasoning behind this and DT’s post only serves to confuse me even more.

I could make some sense of it all if it were not for this -

This is saying that this site that I own, , is OK despite the advertising on it. Whereas my previous sig image links were not OK.

still confused.

OK, the issue is with Google backlinking. Sites that are linked on here get harvested to death. What we are saying is that TPR is a friendly forum and should not be used for a business gain. However if a siggie goes to your site and it has Google adwords to pay for it (or others) then there is no issue as the direct link is not on here.

If your sig was to point to a site like yours above 2blue4u that is a rather large advert for a business only, nothing personal on it so I it would be classed as gaining a business gain. The reason for this “interpretation” is that a lot of personal sites have running costs paid for by small ads. Advertising in that sense is all over the web, but if the site became a running concern that is different.

I hope this makes things as clear as mud :wink:


There’s a pattern forming in the swirling pool of mud.

Another 3 or 4 beers should help.

yay - 2blues round it is :smiley: :cheers:


way ahead of you folks! even though you are 5hrs ahead :wink:

SO you are getting rid of links to sites. YET alot of people have done this in the past to GAIN from it. NANO ipods and DVDs spring to mind.

Where people had to PAY extra for one or two of the deals and if so many got the this then the orginal person recieved it free…

SO once gained out of it … now say its not ok???

And i see way a lot of people are leaving…

Just a reminder that as of midnight tonight 08/08/06 (uk time) all sigs and links that do not conform, will be removed.