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Any idea how to go about making sigs like my SETI Synergy one in my sig now?

So we could make TPR ones?

Could be part of our stats blitz thing?

How’s that getting on?
Haven’t seen Kev for a while…
He alright?

Nice idea Drezha. Might be possible in a few months.

Riddler did ones for Lifemapper from what I recall, so we have the technology, just a matter of time. There is only 24hours in the day and these things take time, as Balrog says, might be possible in a few months :wink:


Pretty sure it could be started now by yours truly?
Surely it’s a php script running to drag the xml from the projects sites and then uploaded to the site then another php script to get it onto the actual sig banner?

I’ll pop over to SETI synergy now and drop an email.

if you can get me a plain text file with the details in I can do it & host it, Idealy each item would be on a differing line, I’m fairly crap with php type things but I’ve been messing with a proggy and come up with my siggy, I could create one to take details form a text file.

or even have a play yourself, the proggy I use is samurize from

I started something a while ago using my previous methods of transversing xml array’s
but it would not the work on the large boinc xml stats to much data to mess with and it was
stalling and giving silly mem usage of 900meg +

So binned the idea, have had it working for lifemapper in the past.

The signature bit is the easy bit… and I would be more than happy to share bits of code for that (either as dynamic or static image files created with PHP).

The problem comes in the XML files. To create the signatures you need to have downloaded into databases the XML from each project. SETI XML files (unzipped) alone will soon by pushing 1/2 a gigabyte. If they are updated 6 hourly… that 2 GB per day just to download the file. Then the CPU has to churn through them, populate the database.

If you then want things like World ranks… you have to create updating routines for that as well unless your happy with slow scripts that have long MYSQL statements.

Thats why the Stats webpages (like mine, Toby’s, Willys (boincstats), Janus etc etc) are seen as important to SETI, we decrease GREATLY the load on the BOINC project servers… (which was a HUGE issue for SETI Classic for so long).

Anyway… EVERYONE is free to create an account at and when you do simply put in your BOINC Account numbers for the projects your in and you get a multiproject signature created automatically… even if your not in SETI Synergy. The individual project signatures you need to be in the team for (though there are PLENTY of them out there)

Keep crunching hard!


Thanks Zain! :thumbsup:

I’ll stick with your banner at the mo as it’s the best I’ve seen! Updates more regularly than others as well. :smiley: