SJ Move Update

Hi Guy’s and Gals,
I have not forgotten you all.
I have completed my move this past weekend even though
the house was not completely ready. This past month has been
the most work in my life, that or I’m just getting to old for this shit. LOL
I have completed all the bedrooms which needed drywall repair and painting,
new closet doors, and plugs and switches, blinds and curtians hung.
Master bedroom also got a new hardwood floor and baseboards.
Family room and kitchen and office also complete including drywall repair,
new doors, baseboards, paint, plugs and switches. Still need to finish the dining room,
and laundry room with paint and baseboards plus 2 more doors
on both sides of the laundry room. Also have installed a new garage door and
opener plus a pool pump. Got the pool cleaned out and in swimming condition. Rest of the outdoors is still an overgrown mess that is next on the list.
My bigest problem is I have found out the house is infested with Tick’s.
I have been batteling them for a month and they still live. I have bombed the house twice, plus heavely sprayed and dusted and they still keep walking out of the walls. Had the yard sprayed 3 time allready and they still are here.
Even had a professional fumagate the house yesterday and a day later
I have still seen a few around. If I can beat the damn bugs all else will fall into place. All this in just 30 days plus my full time job has me wiped out.
I’ll get back to the stats soon, congrats to the Team on holding on to #1 RAC while I have been away.
Keep Crunching!!

Hi buddy good news (mostly!) Best of luck with the rest and see you around soon.

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keep cracking on matey :clap: House moving and you’ve internet already?