interesting find, latest google thingy-ma-bobby

Pretty nice for a free cad system. Lots of guys over @ WizD us it to model there case mods.

It is nice and simple :nod: though It has its odderties.

It has been most usefull for me today :nod: Re-created the scene of
the car incident I had last year (not yet resolved :rolleyes: )

So 17 saved 3D sketches with car’s moving along the road :chuckle:

Most cool :slight_smile: most excellent way of doing things, just create the scene
then just use the move tool to move each car a step down the road and
the rotate tool to amend angles etc.

problem with it is i cant figuer out how to move the points, only the edges and surfaces… so i cant create things the EXACT way i like

just click the point ?

I struggled a bit but got there generally, Just select the move tool
then the point you want to move or if moving a line in the middle of the line.

hope i’m understanding you correct ? your saying you can only move a line -
where as you want to amend so you can like get an angle \