Slackers thread (Amnesty)

Server xp2200 still going strong on seti
rig in the loft - barton2500 still going stron on Lifemapper

xp1700 in ovenroom - OFF
barton2500 in ovenroom - ON for a bit whilst I mess about, alongside 4desk fans…


…be warned the oven room gets bloody cold in winter…

Just got delivery of my Coolermaster Aero 7+. :slight_smile:


Wow…I’ve been watching the weather in your world…Heat wave for sure…That is normal weather here…We had 85-95 during summer always… I just came back from Vacation in S.D. Mt Rushmore area was 100 three days. Today 80 so love the cool if you think 80 is cool. Try and stay cool and get extra box fan and turn it on the computers…and turn down the OCing…


Cooler then you for once…


Originally posted by smiles
Forecast for me in the USA is 80 degrees F. and Rain for the next 10 DAYS!!! weather is horrible here…so cold and rainy all the time.

That’s about the same as me. :frowning: I’m up about an hour north of Scranton near Binghamton btw… :wavey: :wink: