Small brag 9100th place & 4.200 years

Name Doug Johnson
Results Received 11852
Total CPU Time 16.983 years

Average CPU Time per work unit 12 hr 33 min 09.6 sec
Average results received per day 7.73

Last result returned: Tue Jul 29 12:42:49 2003 UTC
Registered on: Tue May 18 13:14:38 1999 UTC

SETI@home user for: 4.200 years

You belong to the group named: Phoenix Rising

Your rank: (based on current workunits received)

Your rank out of 4602848 total users is: 9100th place.
The number of users who have this rank: 1
You have completed more work units than 99.802% of our users.

Nice total m8 - keep going. :thumbsup:

Congrats mate! Very well done! :thumbsup:

:rocker: Doug you rock :rocker:
Keep crunching your way to the top.
Steve B.

Excellent crunching. :thumbsup:

Thanks for your contributions to SETI and your contribution to our fellowship. :nod:

WooHoo Nice 1 m8 :smiley:

Way to crunch :thumbsup:

Nice crunching my friend!

Excellent crunchin’:cool:

Top crunching mate! :nod:

Now don’t go getting any thoughts of catching/:stomp:ing me - I’ve plunged down the order enough already! :nono:

Well done m8 :thumbsup: :cheers:

It’s sweet when you’re the oly one holding that possie :slight_smile: - nice 1 m8 :thumb:

Nice crunching!!:smiley:

:thumbsup: nice! :thumbsup: