Smoky Mountain National Park - Warning 56k'ers

I was up through this area a couple of weekends ago on a business trip and stopped on the side of the road with my new camera for a couple of quick shots.
This first one was at a scenic overlook…
This creek was just off the road and down an embankment. Very peaceful…

One more scenic overlook:

Edit: I linked to two of them because of size.

Nice pics Ben. When my dad died he left us a house in the smokeys:) We go up there about every weekend:D

Lovely pics Ben. I like the one of the stream. I could see that as a Bob Ross painting.

The smoky mountains are amazing!
It’s a great place for hiking, camping and even rock climbing. Even experienced mountaineers can enjoy the place.
Here is a pic I shot some time a go.


I’m not sure why you can’t see the picture.
Is there an admin that can edit my post and fix it if I did something wrong?
Sorry for the trouble.

Anyway the picture can be seen on