So long, and thanks for all the fish

Well guys, its been fun but my spurs are going to br shortened dramatically starting now. I’ve been crunching DC for nine and a half years now, which has produced ten million cobblestones, 330,099 hours of SETI classic, and some Folding and Lifemapper units too.

Financially I can no longer stand toe to toe with the i7/Phenom II crew, the schools, the company data centres, the hosting sites. I haven’t the space for a big farm, I’m tired of the noise of spinning fans, and tired of the enormous heat this endeavour pumps constantly into my flat 24 hours a day. My electricity trips every time we have a power cut as the startup surge from the CPUs is more than the breaker can stand. My laptop fans spin constantly, my GPUs run flat out constantly, its not what I want from my life any more. I much prefer my SLUG servers (silent), and NAS devices. That’s where I want to be now. Being embedded devices these can’t crunch for toffee anyway.

Sooo I’m dramatically cutting back. BOINC is being removed from my laptops and media centres its just too much heat and noise. All single core CPUs are going, ebay, free gift, tip, whatever. They only run for DC anyway. All GPU crunching ceases. Of the rest, there’s going to be a big rationalisation.

I’ll still be crunching in some shape or form, I’ll still have more machines than the average Joe on the street. But I’ll be switching some of them off when not in use and enjoying the peace.

Thanks to all for the company on this journey its been 99% fun. I’ve enjoyed the races, the banter, the triumphs. But as Pug said “this is no longer my place”. So I’m going to surrender and leave it to the big boys now, I hope you all get as much out of it as I have over the years.


a credit to crunching and an inspiration with MAOJC and the LTSP farms, print out those sirtiffycats with pride Mojo :trophy:

I too lost the ‘home’ crunching bug and look at the machines in the office daily thinking that one i7 could toast them all, but you work with what you have and what you can put up with.

A big :thumbsup: from myself for all the help you’ve given to me and many others with Boinc and classic seti.

Enjoy the peace and the cool and quiet flat :slight_smile:


can’t ad much to what DT says except thanks for your folding efforts, gets a big :thumbsup: from me and I’m sure the rest of the folding team and as Depeche Mode once sang “enjoy the silence”


Again, terrific effort there Mojo and I can completely understand where your coming from and where your going too on this one, the silence and lack of electricity drama at home do count for a lot :nod:

Can’t take all those cobblewotsits away from you, tonnes of great work :thumbsup:

I just have to agree with everyone, Youve done some fantastic crunching…numbers that I can only hope to reach one day! I can also totally understand the need for silence in the house… I run a machine 24/7 in my room and its a bloody effort to try and nod off with that constant hum… and its a much better sleep when its off…

if there is one smiley that I would like to use in this post it would be this : :trophy:

a winner to the team and a winner to so many projects…

I dont often post with only one smiley… actually I think its a first…

Congrats on all your contributions to TPR, both crunching and other. You’ve made a fantastic difference around here over the years.
I came to a similar point a couple of years ago but the bug is still not quite purged. Still think about doing a bit of limited crunching.

Enjoy the quiet and leccy bill.

Thanks for all your past contributions Martin, but I know where you’re coming from, seeing as I’m in the same position ATM. My leccy bills are about a third of what they were which is a necessary cut back, but I do miss the challenge of new projects and contributing to the team. I’m sure you’ll get back into at some stage, but if not congrats on all your past work m8. :thumbsup:

Massive contribution you’ve given to the team, but most importantly, science.

I came to the same conclusion about a year ago - tough choice but one I’ve not really regretted - since I moved to Atom powered desktop, crunching on that and running normal day to day tasks might get to much for the poor fellow.

Sad to see you cutting back Mojo, you are an inspiration to all of us.

[QUOTE=The Balrog;443946]Congrats on all your contributions to TPR, both crunching and other. You’ve made a fantastic difference around here over the years.
I came to a similar point a couple of years ago but the bug is still not quite purged. Still think about doing a bit of limited crunching.


Balrog… how about trying a little Docking. I’m sure Heidi would love another recruit to our little team- 3rd in the world and still climbing :smiley:

Well done M8 and by the sounds of it you’ve left one hell of a legacy. Enjoy the peace and quiet and the extra beer now that the leccie bill is being cut back.

I can sympathize with all your sentiments sir Mojo. I only run a couple today as well and QUAD apple never shuts up it noisy fan under load.

The heat is my enemy here as it costs $$$$$ to move it out of the home. Granted I will get some free electric from the solar I will never setup a huge farm again. The days of $700 a month electric bill are gone forever here. Any thing I add will only run day shift in the free electric time zone and it has to be dead quiet.

Very well done and a good thing to do but by selling the old CP you should save up for something like a quad phemon/i7/i5 and make it silent for a wee projet. Just an idea :slight_smile:

Sorry to see you slow down your crunching but you are still a very valued member of this team and more importantly still a friend. top effort for the crunching martin, you have pushed out some incredible numbers over the years in the name of science :trophy:

The last round of hardware failures at TPR towers, mostly brought on after a spot of lightning saw my home crunchers drastically reduced.
Whilst saving up for replacements I got used to the lack of spinning fans and a reduced leccy bill so I can agree with your thoughts of giving it a rest and now have just three PC’s at home.

Massive thumbs up for your DC efforts though, its not just the numbers, sometimes they dont do justice to the admin work required to keep a herd of badly behaved systems at full gallop.