So near, yet so far....

I had a look through the online ads yesterday afternoon, not expecting to find anything, when this pops up top of the search :

1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 351w, performance cam, forged pistons, new lifters, rebuilt front suspension, no MoT, needs paint and tidying to finish.
£3,000 . no offers.

And its unlikely I can get to see it before next week :frowning:

Seen it.
Bought it.
Need to get it trailered home from the other side of the M25.


Nice find m8, lets see a few piccys then ! :smiley:


It’s still in the other blokes garage atm, plus it needs some bodywork, an exhaust and a complete paintjob before its ready to go.

But when finished it will look like a bit like this, except in deep metallic green (I havent yet ruled out the same traffic-light green as my BX), sound like this, and stop and steer like this :slight_smile:


Gotta love that sound m8, can’t wait for the pics!

Nice, used to have the same car about 15 years ago :slight_smile:

'cept mine was black :slight_smile:

Just took the Green Hornet out for a last hurrah.
:censored::censored: I’d forgotten just how :censored: quick that car is.
It’s really going to be a heartbreaker to get rid of it :frowning:

No, I must be strong…think of the rumbling V8…and a slightly safer license…

My new digital camera arrived this morning :slight_smile:
I could only get a couple of decent shots without rolling her out of the garage, and pushing her one and a half tonnes back in again nearly killed two of us.


She doesnt look much now, but all she needs is some TLC, a 5 gallon drum of maritime strength de-ruster, 4 spools of welding wire, 2 years worth of elbow grease, a respray and several thousand pounds worth of parts and she’ll be right :slight_smile:

Looks like a lot of work but I’m sure your up for it. Because once it’s finished it will be one hell of a car! :wink: