so u think blue ray or hd-dvd is way to go

i did too till i saw this .

The expected cost of the Atomic Holographic DVR disc drive will be from $570 to $750 with the replacement discs for $45.

nope ill stick with the others :wink:

yah but like anything new it come down in price in year or so after release i can rember when first CD-RW costed that much and 100 tera per disk it be well worth the 500 to 700 for the unit

All i can say is “WOW”
With r/w storage of that size think of the things M$ can bloat their os’s with :smiley:

I’ve seen articles talking about this, or similar, technology. I’m still waiting for someone to produce something I can buy. I agree with Steve: get it onto the market and wait for the price to go down.