so what are you listening too

im listening to…

stiltskin - inside (at ear bleeding volume):headbang:

how about you??

the hum of my pc’s as they crunch away, and some weird bird calls tonight :confused: (feathered ones you dirty :censored: )


The Wall, again :smiley:

OMG - the little voices they are back again :eek:

go drink beer, go drink beer, go drink beer…

/me closes door behind himself :smiley:


Ambient Nights - Closed eyes, Open doors


emerdale…lol wifes got it on here …lol

ooppssss sorry make that the bill :slight_smile: well they all rubbish anyway …lol

Linkin Park - In the End :slight_smile:

Was just reminiscing and listening to Linkin Park. Now I’m listening to the Offspring - Have you ever.

Makes a change for me to listen to something with guitars, english lyrics and no keyboards :slight_smile:

Nickelback - How you remind me

Read the sig below :smiley:

New CD by Madness

Tower of Power

In from work, can opened :smiley: computer on, Media Player in shuffle mode :wink:
current track = Judas Priest - Beyond the Realms of Death (live version)

me is happy bunny :guitar: :headbang:

Led Lepplin -Comunication Breakdown :rocker:

the little voices are back…

not that much beer, you’ll hurt in the morning - na nah nah naaaa narrhhh


Ah it is 5AM so something light, AC/DC-Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

At work it’s Opeth - Blackwater Park, in the car is In Flames - Whoracle… :headbang: :guitar:

Excellent sounds Deaky!!

/me currently listening to a home made compilation of 70s Funk & Soul, including Brass Contruction, Isley Brothers and Kool & the Gang

War Of the Worlds Extended version with 4 remixed tracks then Vangelis and Jean Micheal Jarre

XTC radio - tis well funny for the Dj’s name is Dave Seamen, he was a better footballer :stuck_out_tongue: