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The Allience name is tpr

Starting Out

The best option to start out is to buy into mines, get the metal and crystal mines upto level 10 and dont forget the deuterium mines they need to be built up aswell.
Once you have a chance to buy into defense i advice buying major into it.

Adding players to buddy list

Go to FIND and type in the player name to look for. This then displays some of their details including their co-ordinates. Click on these and it will take you into the Galaxy (costs about 10 deuterium each go … be carefull) where you will see their name, planet name, and clan (if any). On the far right of their “slot” will be a (usually) green button, click this and it opens up a message window where you can tell them you are wanting to add them to your buddy list. Send the message then return to any of the other main game options (overview, resources, shipyard etc)
Then it’s just a case of waiting until the player sees the message (in buddy list … requests) and responds by accepting you (never done that bit so probably a bit vague lol)


Mines: early in the game your metal mine is the most important. But that doesn’t mean you should only upgrade your metal mine, as you start researching more, crystal becomes vital, it is nice to have some stockpiled. Generally it is good to keep your metal and crystal mines around the same level, usually with your metal mine producing more than your crystal. Deuterium is also vital to your efforts. Deuterium is mainly used for research purposes and as fuel. Your deuterium mine need not be as high a level as your crystal mine, but will eventually become as important. (research, upgrades, building colonies etc) The amount this produces can be influenced by your planet temperature (colder = more).

Energy: is requred to run your mines. How do I know how much I have? To the right of your deuterium supply is a fraction, it will looks something like this: 59/424 . The first number is the energy available that you are not using, while the second number is the total energy on your planet.Try to have enough power to keep everything running at 100% efficiency (Resources screen > Energy Sum figure in green, not red)

A solar plant is not the only way to get power, there are two alternate ways.

Solar satellites: once you have a level one shipyard you can build solar satellites. They produce energy based on the position of your planet and it’s temperature. Solar satellites are cheap, but they get destroyed when you are attacked.
Fusion plant: Eventually you can build a fusion plant. They have a lower cost than a solar plant, but they use deuterium to produce energy. Handy as an emergency backup if using many solar satellites which are destroyed by an attack.

Planet System

There are 3 universes (up to now), we play in UNI2
Each universe has a number of Galaxies (? info needed)
Each Galaxy has a number of Solar Systems (499 I think)
Each Solar System has 15 planets

So a planet at coordinates 1:234:5 would be in the 1st Galaxy, in Solar System 234, and be planet 5.
The planets are ranged 1 - 15 in order of distance from the Sun, 1 being nearest/hottest/brightest, and 15 being farthest/coolest/darkest. This does have a bearing on the availability and productivity of the mines, and also the usefulness of Solar Satellite Power. In general, the planets 4 to 8 seem to be the most favoured, although there is (as always) a random factor thrown in.
Your “home” planet has by default 163 “fields” which I believe signify the total structures allowed on the planet (and presumably includes level upgrades ? ). When you start to colonise other planets, try to obtain those with a high field count, usually planets in the 4 to 8 range, but due to the random factor it’s luck of the draw. If it is a bad planet, you can give it up and find another, although you lose the colony ship and all it’s contents (if any… see colonies section when written )
My personal thought …
** If you look at a solar system and ALL slots apart from No. 5 are taken, it’s a fair bet that it’s a poor planet** edit: There are times though, if a planet has been inactive for a period of time it is “nuked” and the slot is again available … If you’re ready to colonize a planet it may be handy to keep your eyes on a few inactives for when this occurs.


When you eventually get espionage probes, [requirements are Ship Yard (level 3), Combustion Engine (level 3), Espionage Technology (level 2) ] you can start having a look at what other players have got, or have left behind (inactive planets).
To probe a planet while you are in the Galaxy screen, just click on the “eye” icon to the right of the chosen planet and the probe is sent. Alternatively jot down the co-ordinates for a manual launch (below)

In the FLEET tab, select the amount of probes you wish to send (1 is enough to start), then click “procede”.
In the next screen enter the co-ordinates of the planet to probe (if not known you need to find them lol), the speed you wish it to fly at (default 100%), click procede, then tick/dot the espionage option and let it fly hehe

If you then select overview from the main screen you will see 2 messages (in green) that give you information about the mission ( destination, times, etc)

[b]Games Skins[/b]

Looking at what styles you can have for your backgound & picture I noticed its not obviously easy in working out how to apply the skin.

Simple when you know how… Go into your options, in the skin path section delete completly the ‘’ and hit save changes.

Now click your browsers refresh… you will now be presented with a dropdown list of skins pick one & apply again click save then refresh.

Use the Download link only to view the skins available.

found this information useful and think it should join the sticky

pos1: average: 64, 60% between 48 and 80 fields

pos2: average: 68, 60% between 53 and 83 fields

pos3: average: 73, 60% between 54 and 82 fields

pos4: average: 173, 60% between 108 and 238 fields

pos5: average: 167, 60% between 95 and 239 fields

pos6: average: 155, 60% between 82 and 228 fields

pos7: average: 144, 60% between 116 and 173 fields

pos8: average: 150, 60% between 123 and 177 fields

pos9: average: 159, 60% between 129 and 188 fields

pos10: average: 101, 60% between 79 and 122 fields

pos11: average: 98, 60% between 81 and 116 fields

pos12: average: 105, 60% between 85 and 129 fields

pos13: average: 110, 60% between 60 and 160 fields

pos14: average: 84, 60% between 42 and 126 fields

pos15: average: 101, 60% between 54 and 149 fields


I found this great websit bout ogame tips, worth a look if ur board!

Ban times taken from the Ogame forums (cheers Bin :wink: )


Bashing ----> 3 days with vacation mode
2nd time ----> a week with vacation mode
3rd time ----> permanent ban


Pushing ----> 3 days with vacation mode
2nd time ----> a week with vacation mode
3rd time ----> permanent ban

Insults not detected by system

Insult ----> 24 hours without vacation mode
2nd Insult ----> 48 hours without vacation mode
3rd insult ----> a week without vacation mode
4th insult ----> permanent ban


bugusing ----> only to be done via SGO and GA

Special-chars in planetnames
1st ----> 1 day’s with vacation mode
2nd ----> 3 day’s with vacation mode
3rd ----> 7 day’s with vacation mode
4th ----> ban


multi ----> permanent ban (weakest account can be freed; depending on GO’s decision and circumstances)

Also - for easy find a link to the Universe2 ban list here

Cancelling your Ogame Commander auto subscription.

By default, when you sign up to commander, it sets up a re-occuring billing. To cancel you need to visit and enter the email adress to get your password if you have mislaid the original payment confirmation mail.


Uni5 ACS Guide

Dropped as a sticky, so added a link.