So what's the plan this weekend ?

Personally, got to be awake and on the road at some silly hour to get to Eastnor for the LandRover show before 8:30 to put Ruby on show :woot:

Stand87 if anyone makes it, currently packing bags ready for an early start, both boys are coming as well for a lads and Dad weekend of camping, mud and cars :smiley: Having our car on the show stand does however mean no driving around the course, but that’s no big loss as it’s Hogmoor 4x4 day next weekend :driving:

How’s about you?


Enjoying being able to drive - probably be dragged shopping by the wife :rolleyes: :smiley:

dangerous now you can fit more shopping bags in :smiley:


welcome to the ranks of being skint :lol:

Gaming session today :smiley:

Possibly some work tomorrow :frowning:

2 raised beds in the garden, phew all done.
Shopping trip to garden centre.
Relaxing with the aid of pear cider and beer.


Bacon and egg sarnie this morning, yum yum

Prepping a PC for a “How to build a PC” training course for a friend (see things that cheered me up today :D).

Its no longer weekend, but…

Mixing concrete to backfill between retaining wall and bank.
Cutting back trees, and taking debris to recycling.

Now off to bed.

Organising an MGF servicing DIY day in my office car park. Should get about 30 cars there.
Something I like to do each year to help noobs find their mid engine :chuckle: