so who else is back at work today?

well im at work and that sucks so i was wondering how meny more of you were stuck in the office instead of home wtih the :wasted: :drink: :drink: :glug: :glug:

Nope…not till next wednesday…well that is unless a customer calls with an emergency.

Raises hand, back at work, its too quite with 80% of the off not in.

i was in today so mememe

but thats cos the store was open and i am the cash admin so without me the store cant open lol

Im back at work…and 25% of sites that we cover here just didn’t bother to read the email we sent them to what they needed to do over crimbo…so plenty a work to be done, but it seems like there is only the IT department in today (Shows everyone who works the hardest)

I’m in, had an entire building to myself for most of the day. Very very quiet, pity I have to do some work!

Not me, but am due in on 29th:D

Need to do the whole years software filing, archiving and back ups.
Will take about 6 hours:)

Start early, finish early, good boss:tiphat:

me raises hand … 6 to 2 shift, almost didn’t make it :o :smiley:

i know the feeling lol sooo tired when you have early starts

:whiteflag: Some people didn’t stop working for Xmas… And I am one of the “unfortunates”.

And I won’t be getting a day of until 4th January, after some triple-time goodness on New years Day which is going to help pay for a month-long trip to Thailand in May :devil:

I was.

Quiet as hell. They must have all been at the sales cos no one was food shopping :stuck_out_tongue:

not me guv, back in on the 2nd, well, I may be in on the 29th to check up on the backups before going to a funeral.

I’m glad I didn’t have to work Christmas. I certainly feel for those that do. I’ve got double shifts boxing day, today, and tomorrow. Only getting four hours sleep or so a night I think. :coffee: But after thursday I have a lot of time off.

Was in to work yesterday. Decided to burn a few of days leave, so wont be back in to work until the 2nd. I’ve got something like 84 hours of leave to use before the end of April and that’s after taking most of last week off too.

I booked wed/thurs/fri off as hol, but after the buyout we were given the bank hols off as well (contracts are in limbo at moment). not complaining so im not in till the 2nd.

had a cr@p shift xmas eve though. nosebleed from a thrown shoe, spat on, puked on, power outage, late night emergency rehousing plans to implement…

Yep. Back today. :frowning:

[QUOTE=drezha;360997]I was.

Quiet as hell. They must have all been at the sales cos no one was food shopping :p[/QUOTE]

It was wasnt it. The day still went pretty quick though. The supervisors left early so i had a nice relaxing afternoon :devil:

so who else is back at work today?

what do you mean back? i havent stopped :stuck_out_tongue:
i wont be getting a single day off untill then end of febuary.

i was unemployed for like 2 years so i suppose u could call that my time off :stuck_out_tongue:

I is here, didn’t take any time off. That’s the bugger with being a contractor:(