Socially Distanced LAN - Limited Places

If attending, please message @Sgt_Bilko or myself to collate numbers as we need to be sure to set the seating layout to be socially distant.

Please also be aware, that VR units may not be possible and that sharing of VR experiences will have to be subject to a number of cleaning routines. The good news though, much more FPS gaming and table service drinks!!!

Hope to see you there.


Sorry won’t be attending, hell they probably would want a 27 week quarantine to come in country.

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pah - well worth it

I’ll setup a webcam room/conf call thingy up and you can toast a beer with us still :slight_smile:

If you are still online after midnight, that means the 4th of July !

I might also have a webcam handy…

There was a bit of waggy finger action for “Spending so much on such tiny fireworks”, there is another box under my desk


27 weeks not enough for you ya tart !
I can hear the sound of Klaxons like a cheap WW2 movie already.

6 years since your last post, which log have you been hiding under ?
Knowing you, you were up to no good during this time.

( Maximus Slackus )

It’s that time already? To those going, see you tomorrow around lunch time.

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great to see you and I loved the transformation pictures of your new tidy house with VR space @Hids :point_left: :point_left: :point_left:

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Hope you all had a good one - life still putting some spanners in the works but hopefully get to the next one :crossed_fingers:

Next LAN booked for 3-4 September with Tina & Ian.
Will Need to get the advert up for this on here and ArseBook.

Subject to Borris screwing with everyones plans of course.
Fingers crossed he dosent wimp out.


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I was there dude!

I just arrived too early (Fnaaaaaaar!)

Three months too early.
If there were still tyre marks from a J-Turn in the car park, I plead ignorance, rather too convincingly.

The hell is that (and i don’t mean in a bad way) just it doesn’t look like any of the bricks i like :smiley:

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Watch it be on the weekend am on shift cover…

Mitsubishi Lancer Sport Wagon
2.0 manual, no turbo, only 107,000 miles on the speedo it was fitted with after import, may have been a taxi before that.
Corners well but most of the suspension is… Noisy.

Has a 10 CD changer (I only have two CD’s I want to listen to) MoMo steering wheel and velour seats,the best AirCon in the mature fleet.
Factory Strut brace and a budget throttle mod

Yes, I took the slack out of the throttle cable.
Vmax is now at factory spec, probably, M’Lud/Your Honour.

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How long will the gearbox last in this one ?


Book it off you slacker !!


Considering the fact I’m only driving it to the tip and Homebase about every two week there is a fighting chance the gearbox will last forever.

If I get a daily commute back in my life it may exit in a cloud of oily cogs before the next MOT.

ffffff oh frell and it is on the weekend am on shift oh arse burgers

Not any more its not - the date has changed !
Now First weekend in October.

See you there slacker !


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That might actually work out for me… one in 3 weekends is a killer.

Be good ro see you there.
If you need details of a hotel nearby, let me know.
There are quite a few.