Software upgrade

Forums will be down in a while, there is a patch that needs putting onto the server. I waited for a while on this one as I had read of reports that some people had problems, so I’ve done it on my test server and it seems fine.

Backups are all done, fingers crossed and all that :xfinger:

Going for a cup of coffee and a TopGear episode on Dave first, then I’ll do the patch.


all done, I took the opportunity to restart the mysql service on the machine as well, a few of you may have got database error messages.

I hope I didn’t scare you with those messages.


forums were down? :confused:

top work DT :thumbsup:

Thanks for your work DoubleTop! I know everybody appreciates it mate!

There he goes again, making sure that we have the best possible solution.

Thanks DT, fo all your hard work:cheers:

Yep got DB down messages, Glad it was nothing interesting ! :wink: