Solaris 10 available for download..

… but be warned, the servers are getting a hammering :rolleyes:

This is over 1MB ADSL, the Sun servers just cannae take the pressure Captain!

Wonder if it works any better than Solaris 9 on x86? Didn’t even manage to successfully install that… it didn’t like my hardware at the time. Never had probs with the Sparc versions at least.

Not that I have any particular use for Solaris, just find different OSes fun to play with now and then. Various Linuxes, the *BSDs, BeOS and OS/2. If I had access to a copy, I’d even run OS X on x86 just for fun (there’s Mac hardware emulation stuff out there for x86).

Solaris is a little more tricky to install/configure on standard x86 hardware than Linux is, browsing through the Solaris forums it seems there are still hardware compatability issues but not as many as 9. I’ll let you know as/when it ever finishes downloading :wink: