Solution to Samba 3 problems on Fedora Core 7

Arrgh! Samba 3 ships with Fedora Core 7 which is where I’ve noticed this problem, it may affect other distros I don’t know.

Setup server, setup Samba shares, connect to network…hmm can’t see server or shares. Ping server - OK. Connect to share using full path - OK. Check & recheck Samba configuration to make sure shares are visible/browseable - OK.

Solution - for some bizarre reason starting Samba does not start the nmb daemon. If you have this problem the fix is easy:-

From a root permissions terminal type in

chkconfig nmb on
service nmb start

or if you are a sudo person from a terminal

sudo chkconfig nmb on
sudo service nmb start

or from X

System|Administration|Server settings|Services

Tick the box next to nmb, save settings, use tool button to start nmb