Some fun hardware... what can it crunch?

Pretty soon I’ll have a Sun E450 running quad Sparc-250’s and possibly a 32 node Intel IPSC/860 Hypercube.

I doubt I’ll use the Hypercube much because of it’s 30 amp draw, but it would be cool to know what I could do on it.

Welcome to the forums alien. We’ve been looking for you for years :smiley:

Sounds like fun :slight_smile: Crunch on :slight_smile:

hmmmm hypercube YUM,

Howdy alien :wave:

what can you do on it? anything you want, I’m sure somone here will be able to assist in geting a boinc project of some form or description running , it’d be down to how much you want it doing.

Hi and ‘welcome to the mad house’