Someone need a good new Job

so look here

but look at the Qualifications

Qualifications for the position include a degree in astronomy, computer sciences or a related field. Preference will be given to applicants with an advanced degree. Knowledge of Linux and C or C++ is essential; experience with large database systems and handling large data sets is required. For suitably qualified and interested individuals, conduct of personal research with the facilities of the Arecibo Observatory is strongly encouraged. The ALFA project team, including this position, is based at the Observatory in Puerto Rico. Travel to those institutions participating in ALFA will be necessary to maintain effective interfaces.

i am not the man who can handle this…

so i thougt that only a few people can handle this, and they working at Good Jobs with a great Value

so, this is one Reason why Berkeley and BOINC have such great problems with the new Versions.

Only for Info

Sir Ulli

whats the pay tho?

nevermind a good job/great value…how much wonga they dishing out for it?