Someone needs your help (for people that know Barry & I)

We have a special someone doing a kind of best man speech for us at the wedding (the official best man is only 10, so he’s out ;)) and is looking for ‘material’ to use :smiley: So for those of you that know Barry & I, lets hear any memories you have of us…embarassing or otherwise :stuck_out_tongue:

‘Blue’ memories included? :wink:

The hair i mean!!!

:lol: I dare say this someone will bring up the nickname he made for me :wink:

Drop me a PM please anyone who has ahem “material” - I don’t care how blue it is, or hairy for that matter :wink:

For some odd reason, I keep thinking metal detectors.:nod:

well, I do hope that the first dance makes it to YouTube :smiley: A wedding dress mosh to Linkin Park has to be done :smiley:

As for stories, lots, from meeting up on Plymouth Hoe with our kids playing together before ever meeting at Mojos to errmmm - that incident :lol: with that green stuff in a bottle and some strangely coloured makeup. As for Barry, well we’ve had moving TPR servers to HU that was a stress time and passing some work his way for design, which is still in the incarnation that the client decided on that in honesty we both thought the other designs were better!

The twins MUST have some stories from when they visited, that has to be worth a poke of the pair of them :Poke: I know that Marc (BounceOut) also visited as well at some point, he must have some horror stories - I can remember at least one involving cheese sticks at The Lowfield :chuckle:


I still have the pics of those capers DT :smiley:

Only thing I can think of is 3-ish in the morning at a Mojo weekender and Hids with only a towel to cover her modesty sitting stock-still (is that a word) while Bev smothered her in after sun cream, it was not a pretty sight :wink: :slight_smile:


P.S. Hids I think I still have that “does my bum look big in this” picture somewhere

I believe you still have it hosted Curly :lol:

God, I remember that day, the sun was out in wales !

Barry’s secrets are safe. Nobody has sent me anything about him. Is he a member of MI5 or something? No matter, will work around it.

Well I’d take that route then, throw in a few tongue in cheek comments about him probably having a past life as an underworld informer, or a past member of the FBI/CIA/MI5/Mossad etc. :slight_smile:

which could explain why every car backfire has him diving into a doorway and pointing his USB flash drive at everybody :lol:

Speech was pretty crap, but being as how most people doing best man’s speeches have:

More than 5 minutes
Knowledge of the groom
A stag night for material
The ability to swear and use innuendo

it wasn’t surprising. Up side - nobody threw beer bottles, down side - not many laughs. Still, glad I did it, it was the very best I could do within the constraints. Thanks for asking me chuck :slight_smile:

We all thought it was great Martin & that’s all that matters :smiley: Thank you so much for doing it :kisskiss: