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Sir Ulli

Sir Ulli,

I followed the link and all I saw was anger and deleted posts.

If Boinc takes more than it gives in results, why not have a read of THIS for an alternative ?

And what a read! :slight_smile:


This thread makes me so angry. It would seem to be that the moaning is that on windows Seti Enhanced has made people get less credit, what people are neglecting to mention is that it is because Linux users are now claiming the same credit for work units.
Some big teams are moving off Seti because they see losses, I think people don’t appreciate how big the difference between a windows claim and a linux claim was, big enough for me to STOP running boinc altogether on linux.

The crunch, only Seti enhanced has put in this “equalisation” code - the other projects have not done it yet and so it appears as if other projects give more points, and that it would appear is what is annoying people. The new seti enhanced is great as far as I am concerned, and other linux farmers that have always traditionally took a credit hit for running a better operating system.


well said DT

Sir Ulli

latest Info

I have just recieved an email from Crunch3r, and he is suggesting that we wait for a while with any protest strike. He is in direct negotiations with Rom Walton and Dr. Anderson. We need to wait at least until the middle of next week before organizing a mass protest, so that the negotiations between them can take place. Crunch3r said that the whole of Planet3DNow team will also support the strike, IF it is necessary. So, for now, we need to just hold on until Crunch3r gives the word.

Regards, Daniel.

Sir Ulli

O’boy, and me have been looking forward to the Enhanced client and the FLOPs counting credit system.
Tastes are different :shrug:
I read somewhere that Rosetta will follow when the CASP has finished.

Well, I’m a bit non plussed. I understand those who spend a lot of their money
on farms to crunch. I have a mate who DREAMS of a farm. As much as I’d love faster crunching under the new seti, Personally -though I love the competition fun, surely it (at least, seti wise) its the ideal of finding the signal is the thing?

Way I see it, if you have the means to compete - well, go for it. But…

or am I missing something :confused: :Poke:

You are right Wheelie. People have forgotten the science.


You know, as I sit here I am just dumbfounded. I’m scratching my head as to why there isn’t more people who actually want a fair and even playing field speaking up. Are they afraid of flames? I’m amazed at the number of people who can’t see that the original credit system was flawed and that it got ever more out of whack when the optimizers (all of them) decided to introduce an optimized core client (read Boinc). When they didn’t restrict their product to ONLY seti (since that is what it was designed for). They allowed it to be used on every other project. Now EVERY projects granted credit is out of whack due to their use. It has made leaderboards and competition meaningless. I would think those who like competition would be all in favor of a score that actually meant something.

Seti saw how they were messing up Boinc and Seti. They came out with Fpops to give ALL of us a level playing field. Wanna compete? Fine, get bigger bader computers, more of them, and optimize an application or download one. But for heavens sake, don’t let someone come along and make the new system meaningless by releasing irresponsible clients to the public.

Just so some of you know. All puters crunching a WU should request nearly IDENTICAL claims. It was supposed to look like this for every WU:

335448811 2277799 2 Jun 2006 2:49:45 UTC 2 Jun 2006 11:01:44 UTC Over Success Done 17,473.47 62.40 62.40
335448812 2288631 2 Jun 2006 2:49:05 UTC 4 Jun 2006 16:20:54 UTC Over Success Done 62,850.08 62.40 62.40
335448813 2144265 2 Jun 2006 2:49:32 UTC 4 Jun 2006 20:24:30 UTC Over Success Done 21,291.61 62.40 62.40
335448814 2407666 2 Jun 2006 2:49:16 UTC 2 Jun 2006 16:01:16 UTC Over Success Done 23,280.51 62.40 62.40

With all claims Identical. Not like the one’s from Crunch3r or pre 5.2.6 core clients. This is a level playing field.

When the optimized core clients first come out, we heard the same “well it’s not happening because the ‘validation process’ prevents it” Well, guess what??? It only works when there are only a few being used. As more and more users started using optimized Boinc CC’s, we started noticing more and more of these claims being granted. It will happen again, and infact, it has already heppened where two results from his 5.12 were paired (it only resulted in less than 1 cobblestone, but if seti allows an inch,next month the multiplier will be 3.37, then 4.00, Heck 5.11 is already at 7 or 9X). If you all don’t care about having a score that means anything. I will not stand here and try to protect users’ rights to a fair field, that seti has spent a year developing and implementing(not to mention the funds expended).

To lessen the time this will be dragged on, I have abreviated what I was going to say to the above comments. If you all want meaningless scores, it’s all yours. I’m done trying to explain it. I put it in black and white, heck, I even used color.

Crunch3r is responsible for what you see happening already. If you want it to continue, then stay silent.

Thanks to all of you for your comments, even the people (especially the people) who disagree with me. Atleast you read what I wrote. I wish you all the best of luck.

[stepping down from soapbox, my feet are tired]

It’s all yours now people, enjoy what you allow it to become.


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sir Ulli

Im all for a level playing field, for me that means you get the same score no matter what operating system you use or platform. As for optimised client/apps as long as they dont corrupt the science i cant see a problem. Crunching is first and foremost about science, then comes the stats and squeesing the last bit of power out of your system. Now had the optimised client NOT been freely available that would have been a problem.

Just my 2p

One of the reason’s I’ve now hopped over to Folding :rolleyes:

If it’s not a level playing field then the stats and leader board are meaningless. I’m all for the Science and the fun of working my way up the charts.