Someone Shot at the end of our Road

… or so the rumor goes, certainly a fatality. My God, we don’t even allow spitting in the street here.

Anyway the road’s sealed off, swarming with cops on their hands and knees, clearly searching for something. Mrs B’s shopping is slowly defrosting in the boot of the car, too far away to carry it all.

Such an interestign place Poole

Hope everyone you know is ok.



not good

Sounds like back home. Another reason for me joining the Armed Forces. Got to love our friendly neighbourhoods…:rolleyes:

I have just got back from collecting my car the road is finally open after 4 hours. I don’t think anyone has been shot people’s imagination working overtime having stood there so long. I’m pretty certain someone died the police even closed the pavement off. You could not even walk up the road at first. It must have just happened when I got they’re as the ambulances and police passed me. Then when I got close to home the police said to park where I could and walk home as the road was going to be closed for a long time. The car in question had obviously had a massive impact which left a huge dent and shattered glass the driver’s side of the windscreen. I think some poor pedestrian smacked into the windscreen. :frowning: