Something that doesn't happen enough

A good ye olde fashioned Stomp warnign to all those with in 90 days of being mushed by the boyos :devil: So come on you slackers get crunching or get stomped under the Boyos Lifemapping boot :stomp:

Name  	 	 	 	 	Rank  	Daily Gain 	Days to Stomp
mackerel [TPR] 	                        25 	352 	 	5.4
Sir Ulli 	                        24 	352 	 	8.1
Bullseye 	                        23 	315 	 	13.8
TPR_Mojo 	                        21 	352 	 	27.3
[TPR] Goody600                          20 	352 	 	30.8
Mrs Balrog 	                        22 	274 	 	34.6
Phwaap                                	19 	258 	 	60.4
Muppet #9 unt Spaceboy 	                17 	346 	 	78.3
Gandelf 	                        15 	352 	 	92.8
DoubleTop 	                        14 	350 	 	96.7

LMAO, what timing, although I think you may need to extend the days for me :wink: :sneaky:

A “little” xmas present to the regular Lifemappers :chuckle:

Now then, where are we on that 2million :smiley:


Ah, good to see some of this action back on the forums. Go for it m8 :slight_smile:

Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…<Breath>…hahahahahahahahahahahahaha :devil:

xp-m for the duallie or not hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :devil: :Plot:

I’m not in the stomp warning, aww… :stuck_out_tongue:

Just an FYI for you, 117 days till your ass is grass :stuck_out_tongue:


I daren’t ask :wink: :slight_smile:


Good job everyone. :yippee:

I will be toasting Alta Rica in one day. :frowning:

I’m number nine today. Two more crunchers needed to bounce me out of the news. :slight_smile:

Ban Ellis from the top ten. :nod:

LMAO, pathetic :stuck_out_tongue:

Stompin, now that’s a giggle, you never even got the first one !!! :angel:

Got put on your dunce :hat: and sit in the corner, ha, Stomping Boyo’s, wassup lads, your shoes hurt ??? Can’t see how you hardly made it to the corner shop let, Mackerel never moved and you still can’t catch him :Poke: