Something to get on your nerves!

I :smiley: go :smiley: on :smiley: holiday :smiley: on :smiley: Monday!

Off to Sharm El Sheikh from manchester on monday morning, 2 weeks of all inclusive 5 star luxury. Boozing, sun bathing & Diving. God, i can’t wait. Time to start packing tomorrow morning, although for some strange reason the girlfriend has been packed for about a week??? You could fit all my stuff in a plastic bag, but for some reason i have to take a suitcase to fit all her extra stuff in even though she has the biggest suitcase of the lot!


Hope your not all really jealous!



Enjoy m8…and don’t forget the piccy’s :smiley:

Oh the Diving bit really gets on my nerves.:smiley: Never been to Sharm El Sheikh. Hopefully we’ll get a report.

Have a great time m8

oh dear, I pity you m8 :rolleyes:

It’s gonna be hard to find any time to get stressed, frustrated with rush hour traffic, annoyed with stupid work schedules, etc etc. :wink:

Crikey … there’s even a very faint chance you’ll enjoy yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a real good time :thumbsup: :nod:

… me wanders off to kick the dog and browse through holiday brochures of Cleethorpes :lol: :lol:

git :wink: