Something wrong with Samba?

I’ve been using the following command to view my shard Windows folder on Ubuntu so I can monitor folding on one rig…

sudo mount -t smbfs //Serenity/Folding /home/chris/LaptopFAH

Now for some reason (I’ve upgraded to Ubuntu 64 bit) I get the following error…

mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on //Serenity/Folding,
       missing codepage or other error
       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try
       dmesg | tail  or so

Cant see why it wont work. I can access the folder via Nautilus if I use the Ubuntu connect to server option but this wont allow me to monitor the folders.

you need to use cibfs instead of smbfs


This a x64 specific thing?

EDIT:Get the following

mount: unknown filesystem type 'cibfs'

Looks like I don’t have something I should need

Try cifs

having said that I still use -t smbfs (on Fedora) even though usage is deprecated.

You may also not have the smbfs package installed, even though you have samba. sudo apt-get smbfs or similar should sort that.

Try man mount to see what your particular version supports. If still no joy I would suggest you download and install the latest version of Samba from and see if that fixes the glitch. There are howtos and FAQs all over that site too. Tried the Ubuntu forums?

cifs didn’t work either but I did download smbfs and now the original command is working.

Is there somewhere I can read why smbfs is deprecated and now you use cifs or cibfs?

Samba and smbfs were created as Linux used NFS as a network file system, and users wanted to mount Windows style shares. The smbfs development however did not support all the features Linux required from these shares hence cifs was created to solve these problems, and is replacing smbfs in newer OS versions. For more information just google ‘cifs replace smbfs’


PS I think “cibfs” was a whoopsie (typo) from Mr DT meaning “cifs”, personally never heard of it, although I’d be happy to be proved wrong.

yup - sorry Drezha :doh:


Cheers for the help.

Some good reading there as well…looks like cifs gives better transfer speed over networks.

Stuck with smbfs at the minute. Cifs throws some errors at me about not liking Serenity/Folding as a path. smbfs works and seeing as it’s just for some monitoring, I’ll stick with that ATM.