Songbird - looky-likey iTunes

Been playing with this on Linux and Windows and I’m quite impressed so far, has some of the extensions that my Sony phone has (videos websearch etc) and will sync with most things, including Android apparently (although I haven’t tested it yet).

Could be the solution to my multi-platform music library problems? Check it out here

And they’ve stopped development of the linux app at the start of April

Well, theres an update to that.

UPDATED 4/5/2010 @ 2:22 pm PST

To those who voiced their disappointment and retained a civil tone, we
empathize with you. We appreciate all of the passion from the community, we again want to re-iterate that this was a very tough decision for us. We want to clarify a couple of points:

* Songbird remains open source. The code is mirrored from our working tree and available at
* We are maintaining our Linux build infrastructure and will ensure that it continues to compile and run the unit-test suite.
* Nightly Linux builds will remain available at
* [b]We have in house developers that use Linux every day and they will keep developing Songbird on Linux.[/b]

Yeah, it’s been forked out into a different project from what I heard but I cant remember the name of the new program.

[QUOTE=drezha;452506]And they’ve stopped development of the linux app at the start of April[/QUOTE]
Well I see you are Mojo’s ray of sunshine:)