Sorry, lost it completely, units coming back

Yes, I admit it lashed out in temper at the team as a whole because of the actions of an individual. I had no right to pull my units as I did and for that I apologise to all.

Still determined to stay in Mojo-space :Orbit: and away from TPR but find in reality that SETI wus are not much use to me, so you can have them back.

I’ll keep adding to them for a while but not long.

@SPEEDYJ - there’s a huge number of people here hanging about aimlessly waiting for a custard fix and some good old Ambrosia cuddles :cuddle: . This is a tough job requiring a tough operative. There are only a handful of qualified custard-cuddlers worldwide, but only one up to the job.

/lottery mode on

It’s you.

/end lottery mode

Come back and help these poor folk out please.

CYA on the flip side doods!

really good to see you posting here again :slight_smile: was sad to see you go, but totally understand about having some time off.

as for the wu’s… I think I speak for everyone here that it’s the people that make TPR what it is, not the wu’s… not that that’s a complaint mind :wink:


what Spaceboy said :thumbsup: SeeYaSoon !!!


Good boy Mojo:cuddle::love: you know you’ll be back sooner rather than later.

I almost had to chase you around and beat your:smackbum:

Naughty Mojo…

Yippe, Mojo isn’t mad at us all:clap::clap::clap:<-I dig that smilie…

Respekt to da Mojo Man :thumbsup:

WB m8 :slight_smile:

I hope to see you around. :nod:

Well done Mojo m8 :cuddle: :banana: :cuddle: :kisskiss:

Take it easy my friend. We really do miss you when your not here.

We all go :cuckoo:

Nice to see your post. Just keep saying to yourself 7 post of good people who miss you and I’m sure more to come and several post from one other that ticked you off. Good reason I think to hang in there for a bit. Glad to see your post

w00t! Good man mojo! Hope you pop in from time to time, keep this crazy bunch in order:spin: I would say have a drink on me, but you own the bar:p :moon:

You naughty boy!!! :smackbum:

If you leave again, I’ll have to tell everyone about the time I caught you riding the bull in the field next door, wearing nothing but pvc hotpants and a string vest!!! :smiley:

Originally posted by Neal Chantrill
[B]I vote we change the name of the team from ‘Team Phoenix Rising’ to ‘Team Ockey Cokey’ as everyone seems to be in one minute and out the next, all we need to do is shake it all about:D



Don’t be a stranger Mojo, things wouldn’t be the same without your posts.

Good to see you returned you units Martin :slight_smile: Enjoy your time in Mojo Space :Orbit: and hope to see you over at lifemapper when you retire from seti :cool:

RETIRE from Seti :smackbum:
How dare you use that language :stuck_out_tongue:

ditto the above. Nice to see you back.

Thats a relief, thought I was going to be saving up to buy a pub!

But since your back we will have to make use of yours :chuckle:

Take it easy

I’d have to admit i’ve not been a member for that long but there are a few names that are the foundation of the team.

I’m happy to see one back… i hope the others follow :slight_smile:

Remember the :vader: side guys…