i have not posted 4 a while,
im not sure its going to be a good one to post,
but for the people that dont know i will not be able to baby sit pete.
there for he will be going with gaz to mojos,
again im sorry but those of u with spud guns will now have a moving target.:smiley:
altho just remember pete is just like a missle seek and annoy…
sorry again but all have a drink 4 me c ya soon andy :smiley:

Queue Hitchcock horror music



: Damien music:


/looks for sedatives in the medicine cabinet and packs ear plugs :slight_smile:

<------ packs shotgun :wink: (only joking of course)

nah u think a shot gun will make him quiet pah.
im afraid hes comming back witha vengance
mmmmuuuuhahahahahahahahahha! :smiley:

damien music its gazes kid not delboys :smiley: