Spam as private messages

I have just had to delete a message from a spambot in my private message area. The user has already been banned but perhaps we should do something to prevent that happening before it becomes a common problem.

I suggest disabling pm sending for the first 24 hours of membership by default?

In rare cases where it were necessary, a mod could always enable it earlier if asked nicely by a real person.

I think that is a good idea if the system will allow it. :thumbsup:

Sounds like a good idea if the BBS supports it another :thumbsup: from me

sounds good to me too :slight_smile:

I’m for hitting the issue at source, stopping the damn things from registering in the first place :slight_smile: vBulletin still insist that the image recognition hasn’t been comprimised :bs:

duly noted though :deal:


Keeping your inbox full prevents it and they couldn’t send more than 50 messages anyway.

Maybe a message limit of 5 for new joiners ?

I’d also suggest if anyone has been spammed and that person is not banned then let us know.

While we can pickup and kill the forum spammers, PMs being private means
its not obvious, So they can slip the net.

Also give us a chance to record there IP & email addies to help catch them out.

It may affect some people who want to join straight away but we could make it so that a Admin or Mod has to activate an account.

I cant stand those sort of forums. I think the email activation is fine ATM.

Though I’m game for the PM think, though yet to have recieved a spam PM.

Neither can I but it would eliminate the problem :slight_smile:

I’m sure this was disscussed before… and iirc the extra work load it would have put on DT at the time deemed the idea unworkable, as it stands a few/most of the Moderators get notification of new users joining and as a result 99.9% of spammers/botts…etc are stopped before they can post, at the moment this seems to be working very well, as always if we miss any or anyone gets spam via PM can you report it so we have a chance to ban/cross ref any ip’s etc.


Yes I agree. I dont see too much spam and its usually cleaned up quickly. Whatever works best for you guys!

I dont know what the registration process is like now,
but is there no way of having to have the account activated by a moderator first,
or will this be too much work and simply put off genuine new members.
just an idea.

/me points Andy two posts up :lol:


Woops must have missed that one… sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

As deputy special constable I am cautioning you with the offence of Missing the bleeding obvious any further offences in a 48 hour period will carry a spot fine of £5 to the tiggerstravels fund