anyone spot a pattern here? :wink:

Hmmm…Spam??? Make mine a Double!

:haha: :haha:

This one is even better :smiley: is a scuba dive forum setup for a diving site.

The ironic bit ??? I don’t dive, I have tried snorkelling once on an action holiday and hated it (although I was 14 at the time) :lol:

:spam: me ??? moi ??? never :smiley:

I have noticed a severe increase of people getting to posts before me today :lol: :sneaky:

Project finished already :scared: :eek: :woot:

Beware :spam:



No wonder the bathroom isn’t finished :rolleyes:

Maybe we should get becky on here, and then we could have another ‘useful spending of time’ discussion tht the Balrog family undergoes from time to time :smiley:

Yeah get Becky in here DT, if you can post in dive forums, she can post in a DC forum. At least she knows how to switch a PC off. Has she found the attic main power switch yet :smiley:

shhhhh, don’t tell anyone about THAT switch :slight_smile:

thats another two hours work in the bathroom done… NOT :lol:

Still not dry enough yet, I’ll take the bath out tomorrow, get the wall prepped for the tiles, redo the door frame that has rotted… :sigh: consider I paid a bloke four years ago to fit me a bathroom :realmad:


Wot I says is - If you want a job doing properly, put it off till your sons are old enough to do it for you. (but it doesn’t work btw)

I remember when Chris was 13 I got him to change the brake pads on a car that I was selling (under supervision you understand). All went well untill the day of the sale when the front wheel fell off when the bloke was driving it home. :doh:
Also I’ve really screwed up over the decorating, going on holliers next week and after that Chris is back to Uni. [I]wonders if he can put it off till xmas when he’s back for a few weeks[/I]\ Anyway I’ve spent the money for the LCD TV on the holiday :smiley:

crikey, with my two thats a damn long time with no shower only a bath :frowning:

tbh, I think they are at the right age for helping, they still think Dad is right and dont argue. And they speak the same language as me when I ask them to pass me the thingy with the red handle etc etc :lol:


Yeah its great when the’re that age but it takes twice as long as it should though. We still refer to various tools by their pet names like “Big red’jun”, “Mr Scrapey” and “Mr Bodgebar” (my favourire tool) :smiley:

didn’t Hids have some “Big red’jun” for sale at the last Ann Summers party? does that come with batteries ??? :wink: :devil:


LMAO. I suppose that might help in getting to know each other better. Should have included that in my 20 questions.

I just got me a :spam: :stomp: :lol:

@PMM your next :lol:

lmao @Balrog


Shadow, LMAO Koff :smiley:

I like alittle :spam: :slight_smile: i’m I doing this :spam: right? :smiley:

Yup, your coming along nicely m8.

Q - How do I get to Caniegie Hall ? A- Son, you gott’a practice :smiley:

Hi praise indeed…

yeah looks good to me, now all you have to do is reply, to the reply, of the reply to your reply, simple really :spin:


yeah looks good to me, now all you have to do is reply, to the reply, of the reply to your reply, simple really

now I am :confused: where is Double Top I need some help :smiley:

you called ??