I´m talking to you all!!

You spammers! I´ve been away 2 days and you expect me to read ALL these posts in my 10 minutes in an internet cafe! :smiley: :frowning: :flip:

I´ll be back on Friday!

I really don’t understand the title of this thread. Spam? Wot spam? :confused:

i think hes talking about that pink gooo that comes in cans :wink:

Must be… no spammers in this lot. :smiley:

Informative posts every one …

well most…

well some :stuck_out_tongue:

Us? Spammers???

OK…guilty as charged :smiley:

I’ve been thinking of a suitable reply all day :confused:

none found so I won’t bother


oooooooh hang on, I just thought of …

nah … no matter

I refuse to have anything to do with this thread.

I wish I hadn´t bothered…

^^ oh yes you do … (or is it no you don’t ) :confused:

If we all just ignore this thread it might go away :wink:

Good plan m8. Worth a try.

No it wasn’t

/me ingores thread

If more people followed your example we would soon be rid of it . :wink:

Never! Never I say! This thread has a momentum and a life of its own now. You will never stop it…neverrrrrrrrr…bwahahahahahaha

has it stopped yet ??

Dont believe so…


oh … whistles innocently