Spare keys


After the little server downtime when mysql crashed when I was on holiday, I think we need to find someone else to have spare “keys” to TPR.

Any volunteers for the forum admin panel access, ftp and main page content etc etc.

TPR needs an injection of life, and I just can’t find the time at the moment to do it, I setup the FaceBook group and it got busier for a couple of days but we must all be aging or something now. We need new members in crunching, more spammers … errm contributers etc

Anyone up for the task?

Discuss :smiley:



If I had noticed it was broken I would have been happy to volunteer.

I didnt notice


I’ve picked up various spammers and reported them, so I’d be happy to carry out the basic policeman role. If you show me what you need I’d be happy to have a go at more involved admin work, but I’m not too up on the more involved network stuff to cover those issues. Let me know if my experience will help you cover basics.


The stats say only 38 active member and I would guess a few of them were visiting the Docking thread…

Two of the mods haven’t been active for over 6 months… :eek:

I try to read the forums every day… I might be willing to volunteer for some mod duties if needed…


I could lend a hand if needed :slight_smile: Not too much experience of bb software but probably enough to muddle through the obvious stuff having installed phpBB/mysql/apache on my home rig for a small WoW guild forum :smiley:

Check the forums at least once a day generally - just not much of a poster these days.