SPecialist Car Modding Kit

It’s a box of rocks! Seriously, you can buy this mod for your car now!!


Not sure how it helps, but would make an interesting gift for your car-mad partner :smiley:

By strategic placement maybe you can alter weight distribution and lower centre of gravity?

I’ve had a few cars where it seemed they were a standard fitting :frowning:

I guess weight distribution could be the most obvious use but i just couldn’t believe they were selling them.

I originally found the site from a Facebook picture someone posted of a flux capacitor which I thought would be a unique gift for the person who has everything, but I couldn’t see it for sale, which was a shame :frowning:

No no no, don’t buy the flux capacitor - it’s a fake

the real flux capacitor - the one that actually works - went into initial production in 2087 but it had a serious flaw that I’m guessing has never been rectified.

It only works once - believe me I bought one and foolishly used it.

I am however making a nice killing by betting on the results of major sporting competitions that I can remember from my history lessons

ps: this forum was actually still going in 2087 :smiley:

How many times had the lightbulb thread been bumped ?

:lol: Never too many. There’s always room for one more :smiley: