Speed camera's to be reviewed?

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[i]Transport Secretary Alistair Darling has already announced a review of the system to ensure the UK’s 4,500 cameras have been sited according to the national rules.

These state cameras may only be installed on roads where there have been four deaths or serious injuries over the past three years.

He also called for an audit of the country’s cameras, to find out which ones actually reduced road accidents and which appeared to be there just to raise money.

The bit about placing them on blackspots is just a poor attempt at placating those of us that maon about cameras, I doubt very much it will actually happen as it simply isn’t cost effective.
Two points for doing 35 in a 30, ummm well if you get caught in the first place doing 35 in a 30 you are desperately unlucky lol, to the best of my knowledge you wont get prosecuted for doing under 38, as that gives the CPS a safe margin of error because of car and camera tolerances.

All in all a bit of PR spin that we have all become accustomed to over the last few years.

“There is not even a review and we do not recognise these details,” a Home Office spokeswoman said.

I’m afraid the only way to rid us off these damn cameras is civil uprising :slight_smile: a burning tyre over the box of hell does tghe trick or so I am told :).

:smiley: first thing I thought of when I heard the rumour about 2 points instead of 3, was the government cannot carry on exploiting banned motorist, reducing the penalty points means more money before a banning.