speeders ;)

just ordered my anti-flash reg plates :slight_smile:

I’ll let you know how I get on with them when they arrive :wink:


cough boyracer cough

SB :devil:

you do know there illegal now don’t you :wink:

Thought they did not work now as they could invert and
mess with the resultant pic to reveal ya number anyway.

PMMs right, they dont work. The coppers can either read your numbers through the antiflash, or look at the negative and your plate shows up. AFAIK they arent illegal, but Trading Standards nicked one company making them a year or two ago because they proved in court that they didnt work.

All they really do is make it obvious to any members Her Majestys Constabulary (or anyone else actually) that you have a set of dodgy number plates, and are thus exactly the sort of person who should be pulled over to the side of the road for enquries.

Especially if you have a Nova or Corsa with blacked out windows and a loud stereo :wink:

So why do they keep pulling me, my banana graphics don’t suggest I’m a speeder …more of a SPEEDY:D

Originally posted by SPEEDYJ
So why do they keep pulling me, my banana graphics don’t suggest I’m a speeder …more of a SPEEDY:D

Perhaps you’ve left a custard stained arm of one of your rubber suits dangling out of the boot? :smiley:

Hope you got back and front , the Truevelo speed cameras take a front picture - including a mugshot of you :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, it does say on the site that the original ones don’t work.

however, these ones are spose to be reflective under flash, can’t use negative with them.

naturally… I won’t be using them as a license to speed, it’s really just a precautionary measure, when I am in areas that I don’t know, so I don’t get caught out :stuck_out_tongue:

besides, I’ll give it a good test with my digicam and see how good they are :slight_smile:

on a side note, tlg will know what I am on about :wink: heatshielding and ducting done for the induction kit… a little bloodshed, but seems to be more responsive from a standstill after the enging has warmed up, and more responsive when moving :slight_smile:

bit of a del boy job :lol: it’s also not sealed like I intended, coz the filter cone sits too far forward, so I may end up buying a proper manufactured one, £180 tho :eek:

ingredients used… cough 2 x Lian Li aluminium mousemats :D, aluminium ducting, 3 x large hose clamp thingies, several tie wraps and a bit of blood ( from cuts on my finger, hand n elbow), ccosting around £30, mousemats were free when I convinced the sales rep from Lian Li to off load several to me :smiley:

Where I come from all you have to do is either spray cleay lacquer over you plates or cover them with cling wrap.

intersting juggy…

might have to give that a go when I get the plates and see how it fares :slight_smile:

as for the induction kit… proper sealed one ordered :wink: decided that the bodge job just isn’t worth the risk, should summat come loose, and falls into the wrong place, the engine is fooked :eek:

my trip to hull today… how fookin wet!!! how much rain!!!

saw a scooby cane it pass a crossroad, hit a hooge puddle, and the spray went over the car :eek: saying that… did that on a few on mine… glad I wasn’t smoking with the window down at the time :smiley:

Did that in the Green Hornet coming home from work one day thru the lanes.
Wet but not raining, I’ve got the stereo up loud, drivers window down 3/4 of the way, suspension at race height, when I come around a corner at 50mph to find a ditch has overflowed and theres 6" of water for the next 50 yds.
Cue me trying to hit the window up button, put the wipers on and set the suspension to max all at the same time as a small tidal wave engulfs me :eek:

At least it cleaned the road dirt off the engine :smiley:


Done that before :lol:

About 6 years ago coming home from work in my old Pug 205
been raining all day, shooting down fast road round the bend
to find a field had flooded over flowed to the road and I hit it
at about 50mph and at that point did not know where the &*^%
I was about to end up could not see anything except water hitting
the windscreen in force, luckery it aquaplane’d in a straight line
any more water closer to the corner and I would have been in the field for sure.


I dont remember the Hornet aquaplaning at all, I just stood on the brakes and it stopped like doing 50mph into a shallow pond wasnt anything to get bothered about. Of course getting a gallon or two of water over the engine gave me water cooled spark plugs and I drove the rest of the way on 2 or 3 cylinders. After that I added a strip of gaffer tape across the spark plug blanking plate to seal it and never had a problem with water ingress again :slight_smile:

This is the same car that blew a front tyre (4inch gash in the sidewall) at 60mph going around a bend and drove to a halt with no fuss whatsoever.

Gotta love those hydraulics! :smiley: