Spilled my soda

You just cant make stuff like this up



Wheelchair man gets highway ride

A wheelchair user has been taken for a high-speed ride along a US highway after his handlebars became tangled up in the front grille of a lorry.

The back of the 21-year-old man’s wheelchair was scooped up as he passed in front of a lorry leaving a petrol station, Michigan state police said.

The truck driver drove off, completely unaware that he had a new passenger.

Passing motorists told police, who found the man unhurt - but still attached to the front of the truck.

He had been kept in his wheelchair by a seatbelt.

Police in the town of Paw Paw, Michigan, said the unidentified man told them “it was quite a ride”, but complained only that he had spilled his soda.

The truck reached speeds of 50mph (80km/h) as it drove down the Red Arrow Highway.

After several miles the driver pulled over at the depot of a trucking company where police then told him about the man on his front end.

He refused to believe there was a man in a wheelchair stuck
to the front of his truck until he saw it for himself, police said.

Think I would have spilled my Soda too

:haha: I think someone might have noticed, wouldn’t you?

:haha: Nice find TF :slight_smile:

That’s the funniest thing i’ve read in ages.

Maybe there’s a gap in the market for extreme wheelchair sports.

…an unsual hood ornament I think!

I love that one! Magic :smiley:

Note to self. Avoid trucks.

Regards, wheelie :chuckle:

I heard about this on the radio this morning and couldn’t believe it. I thought it was a joke on the air.

I do believe my soda wouldn’t have been the only thing soiling my pants. :bigdump:

Reminds me of the dustmen…