Spooky Lan

Weekend of 27th October

Install the horror games, take a VR tour or two of some haunted houses or just play Alien Resurrection in the dark :smiley:

Whichever takes your fancy! I’ve heard a rumour that a couple of zombies might turn up on Saturday morning if the Friday drinking and fun gets out of hand :wink:

Some virtual big screen fireworks perhaps as well - maybe some drone display YouTube videos on the projector :lol:

Normal venue, normal rules apply.


as it’s “spooky”, got me thinking about Satans blood as I was having my lunch with a sauce from
Hot Orange Habanero Sauce (100ml) – South Devon Chilli Farm (150-200k scovilles)

Satans blood, 800k

I’ll bring along the Habanero - very tempted to go full mental head case though with Super Sauce Gift Pack – South Devon Chilli Farm

This was a mistake, hot sausage roll and allow the sauce to “marinade” …