Spray painting

Ok had a bash at spraying the mini door up today

While not yet completed couple of more coats requried its not gone exactly to plan.

Got something occuring and I’m unsure why but suspect either that its too cold or naff thinners.

Basically i’m getting a marbelling effect for want of a better word basically i’m getting a gloss black and patchy grey area’s.

Hopefully the photoshoppy pic will give you an idea what I mean, Camera batts flat so can’t take a piccy.

Its not an issue at this stage but will be if I cannot wok out why :confused:

I’m suspecting it was to cold, too cold thinner and too cold paint in a cold can being sprayed at a too cool temp.

But any feedback most welcome…

Well done Young Jedi.
Copied well the Suzuki Swift Orange peel finish have you, Hmmm!

I managed to get from really rubbish finish to a bit orange peely by pre-heating the can on a radiator and heating the panel with a fan heater.

I think the real problem with using cans is the propellant doesn’t boil off properly at low temparature to give a fine spray.

Makes a compelling case for getting a proper spray gun.

This was with a proper spray gun & compressor of a mate admittedly quite old but very good considering where it was sourced from.

Its not an orange peel though its a different effect alltogether nothing like the orange peel effect that allready exists on the mini :wink:

1st attempt I admit was but we flatterned that back and changed to a different thinner and put more paint in the gun as it was not quite reaching up over the take up pipe that far and spluttering and the coats then went on ok but this other effect remained.

It it litterally like having a can of marble paint, its going on smooth but its like there’s two colours black and grey.

I’m convinced it was too cold I think your right in the boiling off comment though.

Will give it a light flatterning off tomorrow then I think keep it stored until the weather improves a bit, I’ll source some better thinners in the meantime.

I could also describe it like washing your car in sunshine with high calcium water, drys white.

Its blooming from what I can fathum from a website I just looked at
its a loss of gloss.

Deffo a cold weather problem.

Are you spraying inside or outside PMM. A radiant heater can help for small panels but don’t use a fan heater, it will inevitably pick up fine dust and deliver it directly to your door. iirc blooming happens as the paint dries so the critical time is after you’ve sprayed it.

Good call about the dust Balrog.
I turned it off before spraying as I didn´t want its thermostat igniting the fumes when spraying in the garage.

its was in a small garage so sheltered slightly but effectively at the same temp the outside was, but I think some of it was due to the temperature of the paint and thinners.

Will prob stick containers in warm water before hand to get the temps up slightly next time.

You’ve given me an Idea as we have at our place of work some of those Halogen heaters might borrow one of them.

But might get one of the small 1.5kw Ceramic workshop heaters also.

Thx Balrog :slight_smile:

Just make sure there are no drops of water on the outside that drip into your gun pot. May be better to just bring then inside the house the day before you use them.

Halogens will be great for warming the panels and keeping everything nice and tostie whilst the paint dries. I use them in some spraybooths (but the intrinsically safe variety). Unless you’re nearly gassing yourself you’re unlikely to get a vapour concentration near the lower explosive limit but as TF suggests, might be best to turn them off whilst spraying, there will be enough heat remaining in the panel.

Field trials have shown that eyebrows take longer to grow back as you get older.

Doing the flattening back at this moment with P2000

Comming up nice TBH I think we did stick 5 thin coats on and after getting home yesterday its been against a hot radiator to excellerate the curing.

Though my arm is at the point of dropping off :chuckle:

I hate sanding.

Was due to the cold, we bottled the solution we were using yesterday into a empty thinners can.

Tried it today in my hobby airbursh and perfect.

Have flatterned it back to a smooth surface but obvious area’s a little lacking in paint thinkness as i have undercoat showing.

Think i’ll try and build those area’s up wit the airbrush before the next proper spray session.

I’m quite happy with the result so far now i’ve flattend again :slight_smile:

Well it aint perfect :frowning:

Still a lot of work to do to the top half of the door to sort the bodges out, lets just say not all wet and dry papers are made equally :frowning: esp Halfauds and a little heavy handedness from myself, plus the stuiped airbush kept going do-lally on me :frowning: slung it in the bin in the end as its caused 3-4 major mess ups.

There a few scratches that are not going to buff out but it not like the rest of the car has not got a few minor scratches so its should blend in well :chuckle:

Quite pleased with the bottom of the door so far :slight_smile:

A large pic for my bragging rights pleasure :smiley: (350k)

>>> Oooo Its like a mirror

Looks like a good finish. Sweet!!

bloody hell, thats impressive!

LMAO at having the darts board in the reflection !!!

Nice job :thumbsup:


thats one of those £30 sets from argos isnt it :slight_smile:

nice finish!

indeed it is :nod:, not that it gets used because the mini is in the way :chuckle: