Driving to work yesterday, passenger window down and passed a long stretch of wall. Had no idea until i heard the sound reflecting how bad my car squeaks! :eek:

I know the exhaust is secure as that clank was cured last month during a full service and check.

I spent an hour underneath pulling and pushing on every part i could think would have movement, but nothing seems loose. I then spent ages bouncing on the boot sill and front wing to see if its the springs, still nothing.

Took it out for another drive, still squeaking like a mouse with its goolies trapped in its treadmill :stuck_out_tongue:

What the hell have I missed? :confused:

Wheel trims ?
Bonnet catch ?

Does it change with a dab on the brakes ?

Suspension, it must be. Coil springs/old shocks? Squeeky/worn/perished control arm rubbers.

only when your rolling? changes with speed, clutch in / out, whilst braking, cornering(both ways) get someone else in the car with you to assist, more info needed :slight_smile:

not bonnet catch
not trims
braking does not make any differences and its not the clutch as far as i can establish

car is under 4 years with 67k, so i doubt the shocks and springs would be worn yet?

tyres are being changed tomorrow so maybe they will find something. on a slightly rough surface its getting quite embarrassing its so loud.

Any difference with foot on the clutch?
Does it do it while not moving?
Could any number of things and could be caused by the warmer weather drying something out.
Is it a constant whine/squeek? Or only while going over bumps/rough roads?

Fan belt need tightening? :confused:

Did the last service replace or adjust the belt…sometimes they need a tweak again a few weeks later as the new belt stretches.

definately suspension. improved with new tyres but still there.

taking the wheels off tonight to give them a good scrub and will grease the rear springs while im at it. had a good look while the wheels were off at the garage but still cant see anything wrong. damn infuriating!

Is it a Citroen ?

no, it actually has springs not hydraulics :wink:

As long as cats dont start chasing your car;)

Anyway hope you find out what’s causing it.

Suspension bushes or worn engine mounts often squeak. Engine mounts only tend to squeak while driving and not if you bounce the car, so this might well be the problem.

The engine mounts in my wifes old Clio used to squeak like a b*****d when moving.